Why print books digitally

While comparatively recently, books were only printed by applying offset printing, now digital printing of books is increasingly common. Digital printing technology is rapidly developing, thereby achieving an increasingly stable position in the book printing market. I don’t think that the assertion that very soon digital printing technology will dominate book printing is an exaggeration. We have attempted to summarize why digital book printing is more advantageous than offset printing below.

Print quality

The times when books made using digital printing equipment generated comparatively low quality are long gone. Digital printing quality is comparable to traditional offset printing quality and is even occasionally superior.

Short run book printing

The best advantage of digital book printing is that there are absolutely no limits on the number of copies that can be printed. Although it may sound incredible, printing a single copy of a book is possible! Whether it involves one hardback or an exclusive book, the manuscript can also be printed and bound in a single copy.

Advance copy

Another advantage of digital book printing is the possibility to produce one or several advance copies of a book. Before accepting the sample and launching production of the whole edition, a completely ready book can be touched and paged to identify and correct any hard to find mistakes and issues.

Market research

Sometimes a few copies are digitally printed to determine the market reaction to various cover designs, to see which design is more attractive and noticeable. Furthermore, other design elements of the book can be verified.

No warehouse or “book on demand” needed

Another benefit of digital book printing is that there is no need to maintain a book warehouse. This eliminates related expenses associated with a warehouse lease, accounting costs, personnel costs and book sales. It is always possible to print the exact number of books, avoiding spare copies.

The never-ending life-cycle of a book

Books will always be available even if someone want to buy them in 10 years. All you need to do is find the relevant files and print the book digitally in one or several copies. No unexploited market demand!


Surprise the book recipient! Print a personal dedication in the book or name the main character after the recipient. This is also possible when printing a book using digital technologies!

Book printing for a restricted circle of readers

Book printing using digital technologies makes it possible to convert a story into book format, when the story is important, with high added value, but only for a limited number of people, for example, a family history or biography. Why not surprise relatives by gifting them stories about family members? Such a book will definitely be passed down from one generation to the next and help to preserve memories.