Preparation of cover layout

General requirements

  1. The file has to be saved in PDF format (Press Quality). We do not accept files in MS Word
  2. The file has to be prepared in CMYK colour scale, the recommended resolution of image is 300dpi.
  3. It is advisable to convert texts in curves (convert to curves, create outlines).
  4. Combine and rasterise all objects that contain gradient colours, transparent objects, shadow and filter effects in one layer before saving in PDF format.
  5. Book cover and inside pages have to be saved in different PDF files.

Preparation of cover layout

  1. The size of the back of the cover has to comply with the selected paper, its thickness, total number of pages and type of issue.
  2. The file has to be prepared in line with the attached layout of the each separate book issue.

 Cover layout for paperback issue


 Cover layout for hardback issue