Top service and attitude 🙂 ! Even if Latvijas pasts lets you down, you will get your desired books even twice 🙂 !


Publishing house of University of Latvia

Over the last five years, we have established successful cooperation with Drukātava. For us, the company has printed business cards, various promotional materials, stapled and glued brochures, thick books in black and white, and in colour providing its services fast and in good quality. Last but not least, it is always a pleasure to communicate with the helpful and dedicated employees of Drukātava!

chief editor

Thank you for the opportunity to publish my own book. I am very satisfied with the books. Very special thanks to the designer Inga Apsīte. Our collaboration was truly successful. Good luck in your future work!

retired teacher

Excellent digital printing company. Sincere thanks for the speedy and quality service. Thank you for the opportunity to publish books in limited quantity.


I will wait for the cover, thank you for sending it first. This is really good service, just what I need to keep my business running well.


Soon it will be 10 years since our collaboration with Drukātava started, and we can only say the best things about them. Back then, we chose Drukātava as one of the first companies that offered digital printing services in Latvia. This choice was the key to efficient business development. Now, we are truly happy to see how Drukātava from a newcomer has turned into a well-developed and modern plant. And they always have a flexible approach to complex issues. Good luck!

Arnis Terzens

Latvia University of Agriculture

Many thanks to the whole staff at SIA “Drukātava” for the quality delivery. We have developed very good relations with the Project Director, Laima Baumane. She is always open to listen to and meet our high requirements. We especially appreciate the understanding of scientific articles and the high quality of the ready-made publications.

Deputy Head of Science and Project Development Center

I would like to thank you for the books that I received! The speedy service is something all customers dream of! Keep up the good work! Many thanks once again 🙂


Publishing house Sētava

Many thanks to the staff of DRUKĀTAVA, who make it possible to print limited-quantity publications fast, in good quality, and at reasonable prices. This is very helpful to the publishers. Good luck in future!

Aija Rožlapa


Thank you for the book!
Loved by both the birthday boy and the people who gave it to him.
Good quality, shout-out to the designer for the cover.
Best of luck in your work!

It’s a big help to me that you answer to my mails always so quickly.

The books arrived and they look good. Thank you for efficient quality work.

The book boxes arrived safely and promptly on time, very good service, thank you!

I’m very happy to tell people here that I have now had two books printed in Latvia at Drukatava, and I’m going to print the next one too. It doesn’t seem to be common knowledge here yet that printing abroad could work so well. And it is all thanks to you and your professional work.

I got the books! They are really good looking and the spiral binding is perfect!

Thank you for the information. This was indeed quick service.

After 30 years of research I had Drukatava print a book of my family history. The result is magnificent, very professional, superb presentation and the highest quality. Lead time was also superb. Highly recommended. From first contact Lelde was very helpful and supportive and her advice was always for my benefit. Thanks to all at Drukatava. Great job


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