SIA “Drukātava” lays foundation stone for the new factory

Latvia’s largest digital printing company SIA “Drukātava” will invest more than EUR 430 thousand in development, building a factory and office building in Olaine parish. The project, which received a co-financing of EUR 173 250 from the European Regional Development Fund, laid the foundation stone and embedded a message for future generations on Wednesday.

“We have been thinking about our own premises for a long time now, since we had a hard time finding premises on the rental market sufficiently compact, yet suited to the demands set by a necessary regime of a certain temperature and humidity, a specific kind of wall and floor coating, and a number of other characteristics that all impact the quality of our product. Since the establishment of the company in 2005, we have rented premises in six different locations, but now that we have purchased one and a half hectares of land in Rasmāni, Olaine parish one and a half year ago, we have taken the first steps towards our own home. Construction is under way, and we are planning to enter the new premises in the summer of next year”, Valdis Jirgens, Member of the Board of SIA “Drukātava”, states.

The total area of the new building will be 1080 square meters, 120 of which will be devoted to an office space, while the rest of it will be reserved for production and warehouse needs. The building is designed to provide the required humidity and temperature regime for the equipment, as well as to limit the amount of dust. It is planned that all premises of the company will be located in the new building, and certain areas will be reserved for further development. The funds invested are planned to be returned in 10 years’ time. The project has received co-financing of EUR 173 250 from the European Regional Development Fund.

SIA “Drukātava” is a 100% Latvian company whose speciality is using digital technologies to print books in small and very small issues. More than 70% of the production is exported, mainly to the Scandinavian countries. Most of higher education institutions in Latvia, local governments, major Latvian service companies, as well as a number of publishing houses in Latvia and Scandinavia are all clients of the company. The company’s turnover in 2016 was EUR 1.3 million, profit – EUR 17 thousand, which ranked the company 23rd among the printing companies in Latvia in terms of turnover. SIA “Drukātava” is also the largest digital printing company in Latvia and the Baltic States.