Printing and binding doctoral thesis

Until now, we had been proud of printing and binding high-quality books. Now we would like to use our experience and offer you a perfect quality by printing and binding your doctoral, master, bachelor, qualification and other theses. We offer you perfect printing and qualitative binding with threads (not a glued block), hardback with a round back, golden or silver foil print on the cover – all this shows the attitude of the author of the paper towards work and will make the reviewers and evaluators appreciate the thesis.

We are ready to discuss the possibility to publish especially valuable doctoral theses in the form of a book.

It should be noted that the first book of writers is usually a simple brochure after publishing of which the writer is already inspired to write the next one, the doctoral thesis, in its turn, is the basis to obtain an academic degree and usually one student writes only one doctoral thesis, therefore each and every detail matters.