Our own land and soon also our own home

Since the beginning of our operations in 2005 in the basement on Lāčplēša Street, we have dreamt of premises that would be suitable to our needs. During these more than 10 years “Drukātava” has rented premises in six places and in each place there were deficiencies that had to be faced either by equipment or by our employees. Now we have taken a significant step towards our ideal home by purchasing a land plot for construction of our production building in Olaine parish.

Our own home is not a caprice, as during these years it was not easy to find premises because of the specific requirements – certain temperature and humidity level has to be maintained, floors and walls have to have specific covering to avoid dust, and there are several other nuances that can impact the quality of our products. The premises have to be compact enough, with the possibility to expand them. Own home is better as it is more difficult for external conditions to have an impact on our business and in our own home we have dedicate all our work to the thing we love the most – creating gorgeous and qualitative work for our clients.